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International conference “Bridging Education and Science for Sustainable Development”

To celebrate the achievements of the United Nations Decade on Education for Sustainable and to promote the Global Action Program on ESD, the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO in cooperation with the UNESCO Chair at the Daugavpils University and National Centre for Education organized an international conference “Bridging Education and Science for Sustainable Development” on December 2-3, 2015 in Daugavpils.

The aim of the conference was to promote both philosophical and practical aspects of education for sustainable development by focusing on three thematic strands:

  1. Transforming the World into a Better Place through Higher Education and Research;
  2. Reorienting Pedagogical Practices to Build a Better Future for All;
  3. Accelerating Action for Sustainable Development.

The conference gathered education experts, researchers, university students, school leaders and teachers, representatives from NGOs and government institutions in Latvia and internationally to discuss progress to date and challenges that lie ahead with regard to education for sustainable development at all levels, and to forge new partnerships amongst higher education, research communities, schools and other institutions.

The program of the conference as well as the abstract book can be found here.

Dear participants of the conference, we kindly invite you to send us your presentations and informative materials that you would like to share with others!

Thank you all for participation in the conference and we hope to see you all in some other event that strengthens the cooperation and promotes education and science for sustainable development!