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New publication “Catalogue of Endangered Latvian Archaeological Artefacts” 
A new publication “Catalogue of Endangered Latvian Archaeological Artefacts” has been created in a framework of project „Identification and Creation of the Digital Catalogue of Endangered Latvian Archaeological Artefacts”. The catalogue is designed to facilitate identification of those Latvian archaeological artefacts, which are most frequently acquired illegally, illegally traded and exported outside the territory of Latvia.
The catalogue is designed for Latvian and foreign traders, buyers and collectors of cultural objects, law enforcement agencies, museums and other organizations working in the cultural sector, non-governmental organizations, universities and schools, individuals interested in history, as well as international organizations, tourists and other possible audiences.
The types of archaeological artefacts included in the catalogue are not exhaustive. Catalogue showcases only the types that are most threatened by illegal trade, as well as more commonly found in Latvia. The specific archaeological artefacts shown in the catalogue are not stolen, lost or being trafficked – they are legitimately held in the National History Museum of Latvia collections and are included in the catalogue for illustrative purposes only.
The project has been implemented by Latvian Academy of Culture, National History Museum of Latvia and State Inspection for Heritage Protection in close cooperation with State Revenue Service, the State Police, the State Border Guard, SJSC “Latvian Post” (“Latvijas Pasts”) and SJSC ““Rīga” International airport”.
For more information please contact Project Manager and invited researcher of the Latvian Academy of Culture, Mr Andris Kairišs (