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INTERNATIONAL AMATEUR ARTS FESTIVAL for persons with intellectual disabilities

The Festival “SOLIS” takes place once every two years in Riga and has become a tradition for persons with intellectual disabilities. The main objective of the festival is to contribute to the children, teenagers and adults amateur art activities quality.

The initiator and the organizer of this festival is a non-governmental organization ““Child of Care” of Riga City.

A largest part of this international festival is contributed to stage performances, dancing and music. The theatre, the dance and the music are together the most democratic way of understanding each other. Persons with intellectual disabilities have their own and very original way of perception and making performances. This festival is a chance to show their abilities to other people and to develop artistic skills. “SOLIS” gives everyone a chance to rate their accomplishments and to set their hearts on doing more.

The first festival “SOLIS” took place in the summer of 1999. The great interest and support both of Latvian and other collectives (from Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, and Slovakia etc.) has proved that such festival is necessary.

Every year the numbers of participants are growing:
Year 1999 - 320 participants
Year 2001 - 410 participants
Year 2003 - 490 participants
Year 2005 - 560 participants

The next (fifth) festival will take place in Riga from the 10th to 12th of August, 2007 in Riga, Latvia.

If you are an organization or an institution for persons with intellectual disabilities and who engages in activities such as theatre, dancing, music (orchestras, ensembles or bands), applied or fine arts and you would like to be a part of the fourth festival “SOLIS”, please, feel free to contact us:
Festival Solis
Balvu str. 11
Phone number: (+371) 7144194 Fax: (+371) 7142104
E-mail: lprb@inbox.lv. WWW: www.rupjuberns.lv

We will send you the regulations of the festival and the application form.
The collectives, that whish to participate, have to send a video recording of their performance by the March 1st, 2007.

Within a month we will contact you to announce, if your performance is considered to be a part of the festival program.

See you in the festival!!!