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latvijas dargumi


UNESCO’s main functions in the field of culture

  • Promoting a culture of peace;
  • Strengthening cultural identity;
  • Promoting cultural pluralism;
  • Supporting diversity of cultural expression and intercultural dialogue;
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding about cultural difference and diversity of cultural expression;
  • Promoting tolerance and respect for cultural difference and diversity of cultural expression;
  • Ensuring conservation of cultural and natural heritage.

The aim of UNESCO’s Medium-Term strategy (2008-2013) in the field of culture is to promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.

The strategic objectives:

  • Strengthening the contribution of culture to sustainable development;
  • Furthering cultural dialogue for social solidarity and a culture of peace;
  • Enabling sustainable conservation of cultural heritage;

The main objectives (2009-2013) of the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO:

  • Enabling inclusive planning as a tool for social integration in urban environments;
  • Supporting the participation of NGOs for implementing UNESCO’s cultural programme in Latvia;
  • Furthering dialogue and cooperation between generations for inheriting cultural values;
  • Furthering conservation of intangible cultural heritage;
  • Strengthening understanding for language as cultural and collective memories and the importance of the Latvian language for cultural identity;
  • Developing cooperation between Latvia and countries of the Caucasus region in the field of UNESCO’s competences.